Who are we?

The Human Rights Law Alliance is a Christian charitable law firm set up to protect and advance the religious freedom of all Australians. Since commencing as a law firm in 2019, HRLA has provided legal advocacy and advice to people who are under attack for living out their faith and convictions in public.

We are all aware of the high profile religious freedom cases that hit the news, but for every one of these there are a whole number of ordinary Australians who are facing opposition and discrimination for living out their faith in the public square.

That’s why HRLA works to ensure that all Australians can peacefully live out their faith and convictions without fear. We help to protect people’s rights to believe and live out their beliefs. The freedom to live according to your convictions lies at the very heart of all human rights and freedoms.

What we do


We provide litigation assistance to people and organisations that are under attack for living out their faith. Through providing this help we also set freedom-protecting precedents.


We provide our clients with legal advice concerning current and proposed law. We also provide representation for clients in presenting legal submissions to government enquiries.


We provide training for legal practitioners through our specialist CPD courses to equip them to preserve and develop good law. We also provide training for law students through our holiday internship programs.


We are growing an alliance of lawyers and experts sharing their expertise in support of protecting freedom of belief and conscience.


We produce resources for people of faith and faith-based organisations to help them protect their freedoms and pursue their aims in accordance with their faith.

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as we work towards better legal protections for freedom of conscience and religion for all Australians