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Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Religious Discrimination

Caleb Cornloup – Religious Discrimination by Local Council

Status: Case won in court

Caleb Cornloup – Religious Discrimination by Local Council

Caleb Corneloup has been a street evangelist for several years, preaching in each of the cities where he has lived.

That is why he applied to the Launceston City Council for a permit to conduct street preaching and evangelistic activities in the city mall when he moved there recently.

Unfortunately, Caleb was informed by the Council that street evangelism was not permitted.

Lawyers affiliated with the Human Rights Law Alliance challenged this wide-ranging prohibition by the Council in the Federal Court, arguing that the decision was not properly made, was discriminatory on the ground of religion, and was invalid by reason of the implied freedom of political communication in the Australian Constitution.

With our help, Caleb was successful in the Federal Court. The Launceston City Council has granted permission for Caleb to preach in the city mall, which he does regularly.

Click here to read the Federal Court judgment.

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