Category: Cancel Culture

Proposed New Media Laws will be a Threat to Religious Freedom

6TH MAY, 2022

Announced Government laws to police “disinformation” on the internet are so expansive that they threaten religious freedom. Regulatory powers that are proposed to be given to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) give the…

Cancelled Christian Doctor Jereth Kok Will Get His Day In Court

27TH AUGUST, 2021

For two long years, Christian doctor Jereth Kok has been provisionally suspended from practising medicine. Since August 2019, Jereth has been unable to work as a doctor while awaiting the outcome of a Medical Board…

Sorry, Not Sorry: WA Government Backflips on Religious Discrimination Attempt – For Now

20TH JULY, 2021

Last week, the Western Australian Government was sent back to the discrimination drawing board after its slipshod and clumsy attempt to cancel the Australian Christian Lobby was exposed and dismantled. In early July 2021, the…

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