Religious Freedom in the Workplace

Most people find it daunting to talk about their faith at work. This can not only be an awkward conversation but can now also be a risky one.

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    The Risks of Social Media

    Social media is an excellent way to stay connected with friends and family. However, this permanent public record of everything you have done and said online is now being weaponised to supress speech and wage lawfare on people for their unfashionable ideas. People need to be more aware of the risks of social media.

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      Freedom of Conscience

      Most people would agree that people should be able to live freely in accordance with their conscience. This is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to do when you belong to a regulated profession. Doctors and other professionals now have their very careers at stake when they stand up for what they believe.

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        Religious Organisations

        One of the fundamental aspects of society is the ability to freely meet and associate with those of like mind and purpose. Religious schools and charities do this when they seek to live out their faith and purpose as a community. The ability of these groups do do so is now under serious threat.

        Featured articles

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