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Proposed New Media Laws will be a Threat to Religious Freedom

6TH MAY, 2022

Announced Government laws to police “disinformation” on the internet are so expansive that they threaten religious freedom. Regulatory powers that are proposed to be given to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) give the…

Anti-religious Victorian Conversion Therapy Law is now in force. Christians beware.


As of 17 February 2022, one of the most anti-religious laws in the western world is now in force in the State of Victoria. The Victorian government passed the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition…

Hung out to dry – the Citipointe saga


This week, Citipointe Christian College was the centre of a mini publicity maelstrom. In less than a week, the Brisbane Christian school first released and then hastily retracted its enrolment contract with parents after receiving…

The Religious Discrimination Bill and a scare campaign that lacks substance


This week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced the Religious Discrimination Bill into Federal Parliament. The Bill is a Coalition government election promise that it is now seeking to keep, albeit at the eleventh hour of…

Knives are out for unremarkable Religious Discrimination Bill


Published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 19/11/2021 Next week, the federal government is expected to introduce a long-awaited religious discrimination bill that will make it unlawful to discriminate against religious Australians. The largely unremarkable…

Victorian Government Proposes Laws that Strip Parents of Fundamental Religious Freedom Rights


The Victorian government is proposing to remove religious freedom protections from the State’s equal opportunity laws, endangering the religious freedom rights of Christian parents and independent schools. Protections that ensure Christian parents can educate their…

Religious Freedom Needs an Effective Religious Discrimination Bill


Opponents of the Religious Discrimination Bill are mounting a concerted campaign and moving another line of attack against the long-awaited piece of legislation. The Attorney General and the Coalition Government have been signalling to faith…

Cancelled Christian Doctor Jereth Kok Will Get His Day In Court

27TH AUGUST, 2021

For two long years, Christian doctor Jereth Kok has been provisionally suspended from practising medicine. Since August 2019, Jereth has been unable to work as a doctor while awaiting the outcome of a Medical Board…

Caris – Doctor Conscience Rights Attacked by Activists

27TH OCTOBER, 2021

Caris* is a Christian GP. She displayed a notice in her practice advising patients that she didn’t consult on contraception, assisted reproduction technology or the termination of life. When her notice went viral on social…

Lara – Business Targeted by Activists

22ND OCTOBER, 2021

Lara* is a Christian sole trader and operates a female beauty salon. A transgender activist reported Lara to the Victorian Human Rights Commission accusing Lara of refusing to take a booking from a biological male…

Miranda- Freedom of Religion on University Campus


Miranda* is a Christian university student studying social work in the Northern Territory. Her lecturer reported her to the university when she questioned the lecturer’s use of her class’s e-mail to promote the International Day…

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