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Religious Freedom Needs an Effective Religious Discrimination Bill


Opponents of the Religious Discrimination Bill are mounting a concerted campaign and moving another line of attack against the long-awaited piece of legislation. The Attorney General and the Coalition Government have been signalling to faith…

Cancelled Christian Doctor Jereth Kok Will Get His Day In Court

27TH AUGUST, 2021

For two long years, Christian doctor Jereth Kok has been provisionally suspended from practising medicine. Since August 2019, Jereth has been unable to work as a doctor while awaiting the outcome of a Medical Board…

The Federal Religious Discrimination Bill and Religious Bodies – Opponents are talking out of both sides of their mouths

13TH AUGUST, 2021

At the 2019 election, the Coalition made a commitment to enact a Religious Discrimination Bill that would protect the religious freedom of all Australians. A key issue for the Bill is whether religious bodies (churches,…

Catherine – Disciplined for Explaining Religious Views

29TH JULY, 2021

Catherine* is a Catholic high school teacher who was disciplined at work because she explained the Catholic teaching on abortion to students in her biology class. The school that Catherine has taught at for over…

Tim – Pharmacists’ Conscience Rights

29TH JULY, 2021

Tim* is a Christian pharmacist in Tasmania who faced potential disciplinary action because, as a matter of conscience, he did not supply abortion drugs in his pharmacy. During a normal workday, a customer requested that…

Hannah – Banned from Cafe for Reading the Bible and Praying

29TH JULY, 2021

Hannah* is a committed Christian who was banned from a well-known Canberra café for reading the Bible and praying with a friend over lunch. In July 2020, Hannah and her good friend Michelle, who has…

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