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Sorry, Not Sorry: WA Government Backflips on Religious Discrimination Attempt – For Now

20TH JULY, 2021

Last week, the Western Australian Government was sent back to the discrimination drawing board after its slipshod and clumsy attempt to cancel the Australian Christian Lobby was exposed and dismantled. In early July 2021, the…

Not affirming transgender children is family violence in Victoria

26TH MARCH, 2021

Tucked away in the recent Victorian Change or Suppression (Conversion Therapy) Prohibition Practices Act 2021, is a law change that could send parents to jail – not for “conversion therapy” (which is a clear risk…

New Victorian law is an attack on fundamental freedoms that puts everyone at risk


Unfortunately, on 4 February 2021, the Victorian parliament passed the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 and it will shortly become law. Because fundamental flaws of the legislation were not addressed with amendments, the new law…

Max – Fired Over Transgender Conviction

18TH JUNE, 2021

Max* is an experienced teacher in NSW who is highly regarded by colleagues, students and parents alike, and is recognised as a skilled, effective and organised teacher. At the beginning of the 2021 school year,…

Caleb Cornloup – Religious Discrimination by Local Council


Caleb Corneloup has been a street evangelist for several years, preaching in each of the cities where he has lived. That is why he applied to the Launceston City Council for a permit to conduct…

Oliver – Homestay Child Removed


Oliver* and his wife are homestay parents in Queensland who were given care of an adolescent international student (who was a biological female) studying at a local school. Subsequent to the placement and after the…

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